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Nov 14, 2009 11:00am EST
: and the obama administration has many handouts, starting with the auto bailout. >> victoria and i decided to contact harry reid's office last week just to find out, just to make sure, and the idea of taxing cadillac union plans is still very much on the table. soon argument could be made that unions are making a huge sacrifice here, because they got those plans -- david: then why are they so much in favor of them? why are they so much in favor of these plans if it hurts them? >> because it's actually good for everyone because it gives their members who are employed now security -- david: because they're only interested in everybody. >> it gives their members security that they can get healthcare later. but still, this should be our thanksgiving segment. david: victor i can't recollect the bottom line is i don't think the unions would be as in favor of it as they are unless it helped them, right? >> oh, certainly, and they're not in favor of the tax on the so-called -- david: not the tax, but again, other unions are very much in favor of the pelosi bill. >> oh, sure, yeah. what's interesti
FOX News
Nov 21, 2009 11:00am EST
which is what obama wants. david: mike? >> your private health insurance company has a commission within it. right? you don't know who they are. people who are making decisions about what that insurance company will and will not cover. and they can get between you and your doctor. my wife had a knee injury. her doctor said physical therapy will fix it. the insurance company disagreed of we had to have a big argument about it. david: the question is whether you will have more of it under a nationalized health care. you can't add 31 million more people to a health care system with a finite number of doctors, nurses and hospitals without more rationing. >> we don't have real free enterprise in health care today. we have it in parts of it. that's the reason why you don't get increased supply of health care. that's what you want, not rationing what exists but having more of a supply of health care. and governments never are able to do that. that's why you start by having competition on insurance. write live in new jersey family policies cost $15,000. go to pennsylvania, get a similar policy f
FOX News
Nov 9, 2009 5:00am EST
-noia, not as many czars as obama. nobody wants to go through the confirmation process. that may be a couple hundred thousand kids and hope they enjoy themselves at the spas, but the broader economy is much bigger than that and that's about community colleges. i don't think the costs are that high there and we've got to expand education to those places more than worry about these spas. >> and if your complaint is high tuition at some elite schools, the way to handle that, stop taxpayer subsidies for students because that increase as demand for the schools and causes them to raise rates and a lot of that-- >> you're talking about the government sponsored loans, you cut them out? >> absolutely, why should taxpayers, middle class families be subsidizing the education of other students? most of that money doesn't go towards better education, it goes towards these fat cat professors that stay there and do the crazy studies. >> i want to move to-- >> and the professors, neil, the mott tomorrow line, a lot of americans depend on the loans. >> i'm not going to start picking on the nattering nay-bobs of the
FOX News
Nov 30, 2009 5:00am EST
the -- david: really? >> it's only money. >> it's only moon, feaks. donald trump. former obama economic advisor leo hendry and tom ridge, many, many more, this thursday, 4 % eastern. the there is something to be thankful for. the forbes folks have a way to protect your life, bottom line.x david: in 60 seconds a travel warning. high taxes putting people at risk. , plusddddddddddddd david: millions of americans fliing through the air this weekend and a warning high tacks are preventing them from upgrading. it's said it is putting flyers at risk. it's time to give them tax holiday cut? >> yes. the airlines should give this money to pilot's salaries. the plane that crash indeed buffalo was piled by someone make $16,000. that's less than a bioterrorista at starbucks. if you want good people, you've got pay them a lot of money. david: airlines by theaway but david temporary tax holiday to it means norpe the taxes, this is horrible. the got to the does this to all kinds of industries. all the things you have no choices. booze, fwa tobacco, and telecommunications. so they sum you dry. but
FOX News
Nov 7, 2009 11:00am EST
president obama is set to arrive on the hill, sort of an unusual, rare meeting between the president and democratic lawmakers, members of the democratic caucus, that will take place within the next half-hour, 35 minutes or so. wendell wil goller is live on capitol hill. nice to see you what are the details of the compromise? >> congressman stupak's amendment is a compromise that since democrats are having to pass this reform measure in the house without any republican votes is intended to bring onboard about 40 pro-life democrats by flying the hyde amendment and blocking the use of federal money to pay for abortions for people who can't obtain health insurance on the private market and have to have some government subsidized insurance. the amendment doesn't prohibit those people from getting abortions. it simply requires them to use private money to pay for those abortions. likewise, it doesn't prohibit insurance company that receive government subsidies from offering abortions in their plan that are paid for privately. observers say that there is a possibility of a complication here
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)